Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 2013 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Elizabeth Ashley, Jim Bedrick, Dave Bleiman, Wendy Cowles, Mario Guttman, Joel Halverson, Laura Hardy, Damon Hernandez, Adam King, Marla Ushijima, Willard Williams

Dave Bleiman was our gracious host at Rutherford & Chekene. Jim Bedrick made a great presentation on current thinking regarding LOD guidelines. Jim is one of the prime authors of the AIA's digital practice documents.

Level of Development vs. Level of Detail

AIA Level Of Development categories are structured on Uniformat classification.

Fourth level of Uniformat is user-defined. 2010 version provides guidelines for level 4, but smaller projects don't need to drill down to all levels.

Model Element Author does not equal the responsible party. Initial modeling could be passed on to the discipline ultimately responsible for it. For example, structural elements modeled by architects.
  • Level 100 - Conceptual
  • Level 200 - Generic placeholders
  • Level 300 - Specific assemblies
  • Level 350 - Interfaces between elements and oher disciplines sufficient for coordination
    • A false sense of security? MEP needs to be at 400 before structural can get to 350.
  • Level 400 - Detailed assemblies (approximating shop drawings)
  • Level 500 - As-builts
Three-digit numbers implies option to refine LOD to finer definitions

It's easy to map architects' milestones and set work plan. Overlay standard and use case milestones for workplan.

Professional Standard of Care is evolving.

 posted in progress....many more notes to come, please stay tuned

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