Thursday, September 12, 2013


Attendees: Mario Guttman, Nancy McClure, Dan Tsui, Marla Ushijima, Willard Williams

Bim Execution Plan (BEP) should happen before contract is signed, but usually doesn't. There's a disconnect between marketing/contracts and project management.

Project teams need to be clear on what they're trying to achieve. The whole team should read the contract. Differentiate between office BIM manual guidelines and project-specific needs.

There's an inherent conflict between the upfront strategy effort required for an efficient BIM process and the client/principal needs for early progress.

BIMScore evaluates firms and individuals' strategic thinking, not mechanical knowledge of software.

The model needs to get checked frequently. Revit has tools for checking, we just don't use them. Change can be difficult, ironic given the origin of the name Revit—REVise IT.

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